How does it work

How Staking Works
  • Wrap your ATH: Wrap your ATH to receive veATH (to stake to these pools) and stATH (further usecases coming soon!).
  • Choose Your Pool: Decide whether you want to contribute to the Gaming or AI ecosystem. Staking in the ATH-Gaming pool will earn you additional rewards from our gaming partners, while staking in the ATH-AI pool will earn you additional rewards from our AI partners.
  • Lock Your ATH: Deposit your veATH tokens into the chosen staking pool for a specified duration. Upon staking, your ATH will be converted into stATH (transferable) and veATH (non-transferable) tokens.
  • Earn Rewards: Receive regular weekly rewards in ATH tokens, as well as additional tokens from your chosen pool's partners (Gaming or AI). The amount you earn is proportional to the amount of ATH you've staked and the duration of your lock-up period.
  • Reward Calculation: Your reward rate increases based on the length of time you lock your ATH tokens. The longer you lock, the higher your rewards. You'll also receive an ATH Rewards Multiplier and Additional Emissions Multiplier, which further increase your rewards based on your lock-up period.
Key Points:
  • You need both stATH and veATH tokens to withdraw your staked ATH at the end of the lock-up period.
  • Early withdrawals are not permitted.
  • You can increase your staked amount or extend your lock-up period at any time.
Additional Rewards

When you lock your ATH, you'll receive both stATH (transferable) and veATH (non-transferable) tokens. stATH will have future usecases for additional rewards, while veATH provides base ATH and partner token rewards within the Aethir ecosystem. Stay tuned for exciting new use cases for stATH coming soon!

Aethir Staking

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